Cambodia’s first ever gibbon experience.

Gibbon Spotting Cambodia is the original and only official trekking experience which allows wildlife enthusiasts and those concerned with the conservation of these primates to experience the incredibly rare ‘Northern Yellow- Cheeked Gibbon’s’ in their natural surroundings.

In order to boost our efforts to protect this newly discovered species as well as their environment, we provide the opportunity to an exclusive and limited amount of guests (6 people per trek) to travel to Ban Lung, Ratanakiri, where it is possible to track and follow a habituated family of Gibbons.

Our 2 day/ 1 night treks run between 1st November and 16th June as this is the best weather to see the gibbons. However on request there are sometimes opportunities to see the gibbons outside these dates. The project has had an increasing rate of successful sightings during this time; now at 85%, as well as an alarming increase in the destruction of the surrounding jungle, there has never been a better or more vital time to visit these awe-inspiring primates.

So, if you are someone who is passionate about the protection of endangered species, interested in biology or simply keen to witness primates in their natural habitat then we would be delighted for you to experience, be a part of and help protect the Gibbons through your participation in the official Gibbon Spotting experience.

What makes this experience so special?

The ‘Northern Yellow Cheeked Gibbon’s, based in Ratanakiri were discovered only in 2010. We have since discovered that an estimated 500 Gibbons reside here making them the largest population of this type of Gibbon in the world! Profit’s from the tour are always re-invested in developing the local communities and protecting the Gibbon natural environment. Local people are employed in positions such as trackers, guides and wildlife enforcement which in turn ensures the long term and sustainable benefit to both the Gibbons and local people.

Unlike similar projects around the world, our stance has always been and will continue to be concerned primarily in being environmentally responsible. By limiting the amount of people to 6 per trek, we have kept the human impact on the environment at a level that is not only sustainable and comfortable for the Gibbons but also ensures the high standard of your viewing experience.

The Veun Sai-Pang Conservation area is teeming with a whole spectrum of wildlife opportunities so in addition to spotting the Gibbons, you may also witness some other interesting animals such as the newly discovered species named the ‘Iridescent Short-Legged Lizard’ and ‘Walston’s Tube-Nosed Bat’.

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