Cambodia’s first ever gibbon experience

A simply amazing experience for all wildlife lovers to see the incredibly rare ‘northern yellow-cheeked gibbons’ in their natural habitat in the Ratanakiri province of Northeast Cambodia.

This rare and endangered species of gibbon was only discovered in 2010 with an estimated 500 groups at the site, this is the largest known population in the world!

In the west of Ratanakiri province, lies a luscious forest called Veun Sai-Siem Pang Conservation Area.  This protected 550 square km area is home to this extremely important gibbon population, as well as a host of other endangered species.   ‘See Cambodia Differently’ in partnership with ‘DutchCo Trekking Cambodia’,  ‘Conservation International’ and the local communities have put together an exclusive three day gibbon spotting trek, the first of its kind in Cambodia.

It’s a unique experience for enthusiastic wild life spotters and those who are interested in biology and nature conservation.  Only very small groups of between 3-6 visitors are allowed to visit the site making this an extremely special opportunity indeed.

Why book with us

  • We are environmentally responsible
  • Money from the tours supports the local community
  • You have 70% chance of seeing gibbons
  • We are the only official partnership aloud to the Gibbon site