Elephant Tours

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Elephant Sanctuary

Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary

After breakfast at 8 am, we will transfer you to meet your guide who will direct you through the jungle. First, you will visit the Pu Long Village which is home to a local Bunong community. Here you will be shown around and taught about the traditional ways of life. You will be guided from here to where the elephants are located in the jungle. No trekking on the elephants is allowed as the local people aim to provide a comfortable environment for the elephants. You will walk alongside them as they pass through the lush jungle going about their daily activities. Eventually, you will reach a river where the elephants will pause to have a dip and cool down. At this point, you can help to wash the elephants and have a refreshing swim yourself. You will then continue through the jungle until we reach a picturesque waterfall where we will sit down for a freshly prepared lunch. After enjoying lunch by the river and relaxing amongst your beautiful surroundings we will continue the trek through the jungle. After an immersive day off the beaten track, your guide will lead you back to civilisation. You will then have the rest of the evening free at your hotel.


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Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk Experience

Today you will be taken to a Phnong minority village from your hotel at 8 am where your Cambodian elephant and local guide (Mahout) will be waiting to greet you. You will walk with the Elephant through the jungle, across rivers and past some local minority farms before ending up at the Trok River for lunch. During lunch, the elephants are released and are free to wander around the forest to rest and to scavenge for food. After lunch, you then have to go and search for your Cambodian elephant with your guide. The elephant is then taken down to the river for a wash and to cool off. During this time you can either watch from the river bank or go for a swim and help wash your elephant, which is great fun.


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Elephant ‘Mahout For A Day’

Mahout experience in Banlung

Hang out with these amazing creatures for the day and learn how ride an elephant! You’ll also be taught how to be a ‘mahout’ (elephant handler). Once you’ve had your training and a test ride in the nearby forest, you’ll enjoy a refreshing lunch and siesta, before you and your elephant set off together for an afternoon adventure in the deep forest.

On your return you’ll get the chance to spend time in the company of your elephant as you wash them off in the river and reward them for sharing your journey. This tour gives you real hands-on experience with elephants under the guidance of their expert handlers.

Tour duration: 7 hours


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Elephant Ride

Ratanakiri Elephant ride

Waterfalls and Elephant Rides – all the ingredients you need for a magical day out in fascinating Cambodia! Your day starts with a visit to Okatchagn and Okatieng Waterfalls to swim and explore the natural beauty of these peaceful falls. Then you’ll head towards the South of Banlung to the Elephant Camp, where your mahout and elephant await you.

There’s no better way to explore the jungle than in the companionship of an elephant. Slow and sure-footed, they can take you off the beaten track and totally immerse you in a 360-degree feast for the senses.

Tour duration: 3.5 hours


Price From: $75

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari in Ratanakiri

For the more physically adventurous types, we highly recommend our Elephant Safari through the Okatieng Forest, which covers more ground during the trip, and requires a good level of physical fitness. This exciting elephant spotting tour is led by an experienced ranger who will guide you through the lush forest to the areas where you’re likely to spot the elephants at pasture

We’ll ease you into the day gently, with a trip to two waterfalls, where you can explore and swim, before heading onwards to the small village of the Aïravata Foundation where you can meet the local people and learn about the traditional way of life there. After a picnic lunch, our ranger will lead the trek into the forest. Of course, there’s no guarantee of seeing all of the elephants, as they range large distances when feeding, but our experienced guide will give you the best chance of success. Seeing the elephants in their natural habitat for the first time, is a moment you’ll never forget.

*Please note that interaction with the elephants is not permitted, for safety reasons.

Tour duration: Half or Full Day