Gibbon Spotting Cambodia is run and managed by the tour company ‘See Cambodia Differently’.
We specialize in unique, bespoke tours of Cambodia. Unlike many other operators, we live in Cambodia so we’re up to date with every latest event on the ground, giving you confidence when you book and travel with us.

Here are a selection of our most popular tours:

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Colours of Cambodia
 14 days 13 nights
Our Colours or Cambodia Tour gives you the perfect insight into the country’s culture, its people and the mysterious ‘Kingdom of Wonder’.  In this 14 day tour, we bring the country to life showing you Cambodia’s colours.
Gibbon Spotting Cambodia
 4 days 3 nights
Our truly unique Gibbon Spotting starts from Siem Reap. Travel to see the Gibbons in their natural habitat.  Perfect for those who are interested in wildlife and only have a few days in which to experience Cambodia’s incredible diversity.
Gibbons, Elephants, Dolphins and Temples
 13 days 12 nights
Showcasing the very best of Cambodian wildlife, Siem Reap and the Angkor temples; this tour is for the more adventurous and active amongst us. This holiday also includes the fabulous ‘northern yellow-cheeked gibbons’, discovered only in 2010.
Cambodian Gibbon Experience
 5 days 4 nights
Our Cambodian Gibbon Experience is truly unique to us, and simply perfect for those interested in Cambodian wildlife. If the chance of seeing newly discovered gibbons is not enough, you also have the opportunity to see the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins in Kratie.
Siem Reap Uncovered
 5 days 4 nights
For those who only have time for a quick holiday in Cambodia, or are just passing through, this 5 day tour Perfect.  It includes the floating villages, a trip to a silk farm and of course Siem Reap, and the astonishing the Angkor temples.
Ratanakiri Photo Expedition
 7 days 6 nights
Explore Cambodia’s enchanting North-East while getting the best out of your camera with professional and personal guidance from our resident photographer. This tour is aimed at those budding photographers, also keen on wildlife and adventure.