Jungle & Waterfall Trek

Swim under a waterfall in the depths of the lush green jungle! Your expert wildlife guide will take you through spectacular mountain and countryside views on this Jungle and Waterfall Trek, starting at Pou Tang village. You’ll explore waterfalls and caves along the way and get a chance to unwind and cool off at the Leng Oung waterfall, while a BBQ and traditional bamboo soup is prepared for your lunch.

After lunch, your journey through the jungle continues, until you reach the famous Leng Keng pagoda. Here you can pause for a while, and drink in the sights and sounds of local culture, before heading back to your starting point at Pou Tang.


Elephant Jungle Walk & Elephant Spa

Spend the day with these gentle giants of the animal kingdom. This very special trek starts at Phnong minority village, and sees you accompanied by an elephant and mahout (elephant handler) through stunning jungles, across rivers and past traditional Cambodian villages to the Trok River, where you’ll enjoy lunch.

After lunch the fun begins! You and your elephant will head to the river where you can choose to help the mahout cool your elephant off in the water, watch from the river bank, or go for a swim.

Revived, you’ll then head back to Phnong village, down a beautiful forest trail, arriving back around 3pm.


Elephant Sanctuary

Get up close and personal with rescued elephants with our Elephant Sanctuary tour! This amazing day out at an elephant sanctuary will stay with you forever. These majestic creatures have been rescued from abuse and treated for their injuries, with help from the local Bunong villagers, who want to raise awareness of the plight of elephants in the region.

You’ll have the opportunity to get hands-on experience helping the staff look after the elephants, and even take a walk and a bath with them too! These animals truly are awe-inspiring at close quarters and you’ll come away with fascinating insights into their character, behaviour and body language.


BBQ with a Local Tribal Family

Meet the locals! Sharing a meal together is one of the easiest ways to get to know people and with this in mind we created this trip, so you could really get to know the wonderful people of Phnong village. This is truly an authentic Cambodian experience – we’ll introduce you to a local family and you can explore the village whilst getting to know all about their way of life.

In the evening, you’ll help prepare a traditional BBQ meal with your new friends, and enjoy the night soaking up the culture of this remarkable tribe.


Traditional Phnong Homestay

Want to live like a local and experience the real Cambodia? We can think of no better way than to stay with a local Phnong tribal family during your trip. These amazing people are so welcoming and friendly, you’ll feel at home right away.

You’ll get to stay in a traditional Phnong hut and experience the daily lives of your new family, eating with them and sharing stories over local rice wine! You’ll come away with a true understanding of Cambodia and its people, and memories that last a lifetime.