Ratanakiri Tours

Price From: $175

Elephant ‘Mahout For A Day’

Mahout experience in Banlung

Hang out with these amazing creatures for the day and learn how ride an elephant! You’ll also be taught how to be a ‘mahout’ (elephant handler). Once you’ve had your training and a test ride in the nearby forest, you’ll enjoy a refreshing lunch and siesta, before you and your elephant set off together for an afternoon adventure in the deep forest.

On your return you’ll get the chance to spend time in the company of your elephant as you wash them off in the river and reward them for sharing your journey. This tour gives you real hands-on experience with elephants under the guidance of their expert handlers.

Tour duration: 7 hours


Price From: $65

Elephant Ride

Ratanakiri Elephant ride

Waterfalls and Elephant Rides – all the ingredients you need for a magical day out in fascinating Cambodia! Your day starts with a visit to Okatchagn and Okatieng Waterfalls to swim and explore the natural beauty of these peaceful falls. Then you’ll head towards the South of Banlung to the Elephant Camp, where your mahout and elephant await you.

There’s no better way to explore the jungle than in the companionship of an elephant. Slow and sure-footed, they can take you off the beaten track and totally immerse you in a 360-degree feast for the senses.

Tour duration: 3.5 hours


Price From: $75

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari in Ratanakiri

For the more physically adventurous types, we highly recommend our Elephant Safari through the Okatieng Forest, which covers more ground during the trip, and requires a good level of physical fitness. This exciting elephant spotting tour is led by an experienced ranger who will guide you through the lush forest to the areas where you’re likely to spot the elephants at pasture

We’ll ease you into the day gently, with a trip to two waterfalls, where you can explore and swim, before heading onwards to the small village of the Aïravata Foundation where you can meet the local people and learn about the traditional way of life there. After a picnic lunch, our ranger will lead the trek into the forest. Of course, there’s no guarantee of seeing all of the elephants, as they range large distances when feeding, but our experienced guide will give you the best chance of success. Seeing the elephants in their natural habitat for the first time, is a moment you’ll never forget.

*Please note that interaction with the elephants is not permitted, for safety reasons.

Tour duration: Half or Full Day


Price From: $89

1 Day Trek – Virachey National Park

Trekking in Virachey National Park

Close to the Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia triangle, a beautiful forest awaits you. It’s called Virachey’s ‘Koh Pong’ forest and it’s just waiting for you to explore it! Starting at the banks of the Sesan river, you’ll take a boat trip upstream, passing small indigenous settlements on the banks, bustling with the locals going about their daily life. The gen-tle pace of the boat allows you time to immerse yourself fully in your surroundings.

From Koh Pong village it’s a 2-hour trek through lush green forest, to a stunning water-fall where you can enjoy a swim and relaxation time. Drink in the amazing panoramic views of this fascinating region and listen to the myriad sounds of the jungle wildlife!

This is a relatively easy trek and it doesn’t require a high level of physical endurance.

Trip distance: 8km

Difficulty: Easy


Price From: $159

2 Day Trek – Virachey National Park

2 days Virachey National Park Trek

Experience a 2-day full immersion trek through Virachey National Park, an area of outstanding nat-ural beauty. The explorer in you will love camping in the jungle overnight, listening to the unfamiliar sounds of nocturnal creatures. An unforgettable experience.

Day 1

Your starting point is Kachon, on the banks of the Sesan River, where a narrow long boat will take you upstream. During this river trip you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views with the high jungle covered mountains of the Virachey National Park in the far distance.

Once you arrive at Leng Auw village, you’ll meet with the local indigenous ranger and start your trek. The landscape is ever changing, first semi green forest, then rice paddy fields, before reach-ing the jungle forests. The terrain is gently undulating in parts, but mostly flat, with the vegetation getting denser the further North you travel.

When you’ve reached higher ground, you can take a break to enjoy the beautiful panoramic view over the jungle’s canopy, to the horizon. Your experienced guide will explain about local forest foods and medicinal plants, and you’ll learn about indigenous hunting techniques. On reaching your campsite for the night, you can take time to relax and freshen up in the nearby waterfall, be-fore sharing a hearty meal by the campfire.

Day 2

The jungle dawn chorus will have you up and about early on Day 2 of your trek, and you can marvel at the sounds of the forest coming to life as you enjoy your morning coffee. After a breakfast prepared by your guide, you’ll set off on the final part of your trek, this time heading east, back into the cool forest trails.

On arrival at Leng Auw village, you’ll then be taken by boat to the island of Koh Pong(*), with its pristine sandy beaches. Here’s your chance to swim and relax, while lunch is prepared for you. After a leisurely meal and some-time exploring the island, you’ll board a boat for Kachon, where you’ll be picked up and taken back to Banlung.

*The natural appearance of the island changes dramatically between the dry and wet season. With extreme high-water levels (September/October) it might not be possible to visit Koh Pong island.