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New York Times

The unsung heroes of Asian Wildlife Gibbon Spotting and See Asia Differently

“The Asian nation is a hot spot of biological diversity, but local and international conservation groups are struggling to halt what amounts to animal genocide.”

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SE_Globe“They are simply beautiful, elegant animals. Adult males and females sing in harmony together, and their calls echoing out over the quiet dawn forest is for me an almost spiritual experience.”
Phnom_Penh_Post“The Gibbons are truly spirits of the forest; their mournful morning songs, the way they swing through the canopy almost noiselessly, disappearing as quickly as they appear.”
tourism Cambodia“Gibbon Spotting Cambodia is the original and only official trekking experience which allows wildlife enthusiasts and those concerned with the conservation of these primates to experience the incredibly rare ‘Northern Yellow- Cheeked Gibbon’s’ in their natural surroundings.”
tomorrow bear“Gibbon Spotting Cambodia has created a simply amazing experience for everyone!”
tourism review“Their knowledge and appreciation of the animals ensure the best possible experience – for both the humans and the gibbons.”
Research Gate”Crested gibbons (genus Nomascus) are among the most highly endangered and understudied primates on the planet. One member of the group, the northern yellow-cheeked crested gibbon Nomascus annamensis, is similarly threatened.”

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