The Best wildlife trip in Cambodia

“Of all the wildlife trips I have done in Cambodia (and I have been trying to tick off all the ones I can find), this is the best so far. Very professional all the way through, well organised, everyone spoke good English and we always knew what was happening next. Everyone involved in the tour was terrifically friendly and welcoming, the food was great (and there was a lot of it); all in all I can’t think of anything they could have done better.”

Gareth Kee Tripadvisor profile pictureGareth Kee

Incredible Cycling Experience

“The most incredible cycling experience and a real highlight of our 6 week trip of Asia. We took our 2 boys aged 9 and 11 and they loved every minute of our cycling adventure. We cycled, through river beds and countryside get wet dirty and sweaty. The people, the equipment, the food, the experience was all 5 star! A totally incredible way to see the real Cambodia!”

Rhona Malpas Tripadvisor profile pictureRhona Malpas

Loved the Gibbons & Nature

“The gibbons are amazing, and you get a real feel for the wilder side of Cambodian nature. The organisation and execution are excellent, and we would thoroughly recommend this tour for all nature lovers.”
Robert Cranford

Perfectly Balanced Trip

“I went on the Gibbon Spotting adventure trek with my boyfriend, mum and her friend. It was really great. A fantastic balance of cycling, walking, talking about gibbons and eating! I really loved it.”
Rachel Hopkins

A True Cambodian Highlight

“We stumbled upon the Gibbon Spotting Cambodia experience by accident through some internet research and all I can say is I AM SOOO GLAD WE DID! This experience was truly the highlight of our Cambodia adventure. All in all this trip was one of the best things we have done in our travels. The apes did not seem perturbed by our presence at all.”

Shelly Sidell's Tripadvisor profile pictureShelly Sidell

Perfect for every Type of Adventurer

“I can honestly say that Gibbon Spotting Cambodia’s Adventure Tours proved to be the highlight of my 10 day trip to Asia. If you enjoy the outdoors and are interested in wildlife then look no further, their tour is perfect for everyone.”

Ale McCraith's Tripadvisor profile pictureAlex McCraith

Don’t Miss Out!

“We cannot say enough good things about these adventures – if you are considering it, we definitely recommend you to do it – you won’t be disappointed!”
John Shelapy

The Best Family Experience

“Simply an incredible trip, our family loved the experience. We would strongly recommend these trips to everyone including families”
Rathbone Family