Trek Details (2 Days / 1 Night)


Each tour begins with an Evening Briefing

At 7pm you will meet at ‘Terres Rouges’ lodge for a trek meet and greet. This is the first opportunity for you to meet the other people on their trek and to run over the final details so everyone knows what to expect. All participants will then sign the consent form and equipment waiver and are then free to enjoy their last night before the gibbon spotting adventure begins.

Day 1

Your Gibbon Spotting Cambodia guide will arrive at 8am to collect your from your hotel before departing at around 8:30am. After a short drive (35km) you will arrive at Kachon village. From here you will take a traditional boat and head upstream to Kackork Village (20km) where you will stop to visit a traditional village and cemetery. You will then return to your local boat and cruise downstream along on the Sesan River and onwards to the town of Veun Sai (32km). Before reaching Veun Sai you will stop for a picnic lunch on the banks of the river.

After lunch you continue by boat and dock on the west side of the river. You will then be met by your local community guide who partners your general guide. At this point you have time to buy any last minute things needed for your time in the jungle and your bags are then loaded onto a moto and taken in to camp. In Veun Sai you will be asked to stop of at the conservation office and sign in to the National park.
You will then take a local moto past I Tub village; a Loatian community approximately half way to camp, located at the beginning of the Veun Sai-Siem Pang Conservation Area. The trail for this part of the ride is mainly flat though expect to cross a few bridges on the way. From here you will then trek in to camp which will take approximately 1 hour along pretty flat terrain. Along the way you have time to enjoy the walk and your wonderful surroundings.

You should arrive at camp at around 4pm. You then have time to relax, take a basic shower, cool off and explore the paths surrounding the camp or get acquainted with the surroundings. It is also possible to talk to some of the team based at camp to gain a deeper understanding of the project as well as other Cambodian wildlife that is being studied in the area. At dusk you will venture out of the camp on a 1 hour nature walk around the area. On this walk you will learn about the forest and see firsthand the problem that the area is having with illegal loggers. It is important that you understand the problems that are happening in the area and how you can help. Once back at camp you have time to cool off and wash again if you wish. You will then sit down to a delicious camp dinner at about 7:30pm. After dinner you are free again to relax and prepare for the gibbon trek the following morning. The camp generator will then go off between 9:30pm and 10pm so this is the time to pack your day bag for the early morning wake up call.

Day 2

Today you will rise early at around 3:15am. After a quick coffee you leave camp and trek to the edge of the jungle savannah. The aim is to arrive before dawn so you can be ready to hear the gibbons call as the sun rises. Once the gibbon song begins you have about a 15 minute window to locate the gibbons before they stop. Thankfully your guides have an amazing knowledge of the jungle and know roughly where the gibbons will be as they do have some favourite trees. To find the gibbons you will be walking and sometimes even running after your guide until they are spotted. Hearing the gibbon song getting louder is such a thrilling experience. However once they have been spotted all the effort is 100% worth it.

One past client that has travelled the world on similar experiences said:
“This was by far the best primate experience I have ever had”
You have the opportunity to follow the gibbons for a couple of hours and in some cases you can get to within 15 meters of them, providing excellent opportunities to take pictures. At different times of the year the behaviour changes depending on the weather and how far they have to go in search of food. After your intimate time in the jungle with the gibbons which are currently a family of 5 (A mother, father, 2 adolescent boys and a baby) you will leave and return to camp for a well-deserved breakfast.

The conversation over breakfast is usually firmly fixed on the fantastic gibbon experience. After breakfast you have time to freshen up before packing up and leaving camp. At this stage you will be pretty tired so we will arrange moto’s to take you all the way from camp to Veun Sai. Here you will then say goodbye to your community guide before crossing the Sesan River on the local ferry. You will be met by your driver who will take you to one final stop; the beautiful volcanic crater lake of Yaek Lom Once there, you can walk around the lake or take a refreshing swim in its fresh water if you wish. After your time here you will be taken back to your hotel in time for a late lunch.gibbon spotting jungle adventure ends.

Please Note:

We only run tours of between 2 and 6 people per group as we look to control the risk of the human impact as well as optimising your chances of viewing the gibbons.
If you are an individual we will try and pair you up with another group. However If this is not possible and you still wish to see the Gibbons then we will have to charge you the rate of two people.
We do run private groups in which case you will be charged as if you were a group of 6 people.
Treks run every calendar year from the 1st November to the 16th June however.

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