Vulture Restaurant

Gibbon Spotting Cambodia have teamed up with the ACCB Vulture Conservation program which is a completely new experience that is new for 2015.

The program was launched to track and record the number of Vultures that still exist in Cambodia. This is done by setting up various locations in Cambodia where vultures have been spotted and setting up a ‘Vulture Restaurant’. A vulture restaurant in simplistic terms is a place where an animal (cow) carcass has been left and the vultures then come down and feed with numbers being recorded.

This experience is completely unique, so if you are visiting Cambodia’s North-east then why not ask us to include a visit to the Vulture Restaurant?

The restaurant offers a fantastic viewing experience for those interested in birding or wildlife in general. The site is situated 1 hour from Steung Treng and Ban Lung and so it is the perfect addition to any itinerary for those travelling between Siem Reap and Ratanakiri.

Vultures being wild animals we cannot always rely on them following exact schedules. With that in mind, we have put together a 3 day, 2 night itinerary which ensures that you will observe this spectacular feeding frenzy.

Vulture flying

Day 1:

Groups can arrive in the late morning and eat lunch at the hide. During the afternoon we will escape the hot sun by relaxing in the hide, during which time we can observe the vultures arriving to perch in the trees and discuss the vulture conservation program as well as other Cambodian wildlife issues. In the evening we will enjoy a guided nature walk through the Dry Dipterocarp Forest followed by a BBQ dinner and an early night. Overnight: Hammocks in the Vulture Hide.
Meals: _ / L / D

Day 2:

During the early morning the hide provides an excellent opportunity for observing and photographing other types of interesting exotic bird. Over the course of this day we can expect vultures to arrive at the site and begin gathering in the trees around the carcass (it is also possible that the vultures may eat the carcass on this day). If there is little vulture activity we can organize some sight-seeing or fishing at a nearby river or organize a BBQ picnic in the forest. In the evening we will enjoy a guided nature walk through the Dry Dipterocarp Forest followed by a BBQ dinner and an early night. Overnight: Hammocks in the Vulture Hide.
Meals: B / L / D

Day 3:

On this day we will wait in the hide for the vultures to devour the carcass. Usually vultures will continue visiting the carcass for the leftovers after the bulk has been consumed so guests may wish to leave site any time during the morning or afternoon to continue on to their next destination.
Meals: B / L

Viewing vultures


The cost of this experience like the gibbon spotting trek reduces in price the more people that are on the trip, with the main cost being the cow carcass.
Trek Price:
$225 per person for 2 people
$200 per person for 3 people
$165 per person for 4 to 6 people


Minibus transfer from either Stung Treng or Banlung to the main road drop-off point.
Guided hike or motorbike transfer from the main road 3.5km to the hide.
Purified drinking water whilst at the vulture restaurant site.
All meals (3 per day) whilst at the vulture restaurant site, plus some snacks. Example of meals might include – Borbor rice porridge for breakfast, Bai sach chroo rice and pork for lunch, bbq fish rice and vegetables for dinner.
Tea and coffee at the vulture restaurant site.
All camping and sleeping equipment.
We have some binoculars available but guests are advised to bring their own if possible.
All guided activities and wildlife interpretation.

Not Included

Any private transport to or from the site.
Any meals, food or drinks not mentioned above or away from vulture restaurant site.
Any soft drinks or alcohol.
Any medication or non-essential first-aid.
Any other cost of a personal nature.